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Action Industries Cantilever Racks

Versatile and extremely durable, take the headache out of storing long,short or awkwardly-shaped items with an Action Industries cantilever rack system.


Designed for outstanding versatility, our cantilever racks use a special arm system that allows for easy front loading without any obstruction. From tubing and piping to plywood, drywall, and steel sheets, any application that requires extra-wide front loading is an ideal situation for our cantilever racks.

Structural steel components provide superior strength and durability, while a painted or optional galvanized finish makes our cantilever racking the perfect canditate for indoor and outdoor use. Arms can be adjusted vertically up to four inches to optimize stacking.

Designed for use with side loader fork trucks, our VNA cantilever rack system maximizes storage capacity for a highly efficient use of floorspace. The narrow design means Cogan VNA cantilever racking uses as little as half the normal aisle width of standard racking solutions. Your storage capacity doubles and wasted space is eliminated. This is ideal for high-density storage areas or where there is a need for expansion within an existing facility.

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